Your query may be answered in one of the frequently-asked questions below. However if you are still having difficulties, do send us an e-mail to and we will do our best to solve the issue.

Why are some products only available as Instant download PDFs?

Due to copyright strictures on some titles, we are currently unable to offer them as traditional ready-printed score and parts at this time.

How will I receive my Instant download PDFs and audio files?

Your Instant download PDFs and MP3 audio files should be accessible from your account area on this site. These will (almost certainly) be automatically saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. If you are accessing the files from a tablet or smart-phone you should be able to click on the individual Pdf(s) to open them immediately. Bigger scores in the Launch Pad and Music Makers series may have a separate Pdf containing transposed or alternative parts; these should also download automatically to your device in the same way.

How many times can I download my purchased Instant download PDFs and audio files?

You will have unlimited access to download your individually-watermarked PDFs and audio files

Am I allowed to share or copy my purchased Instant download PDF?

You are not permitted to share or copy your individually-watermarked PDF beyond your own needs, other than sharing individual parts with other members of the ensemble with whom you plan to play or perform the piece. You are, however, permitted to print out as many copies of the individual parts as you need for all the players in your group session.

For how long will my Instant download PDF be available to me, after I have downloaded it onto my device?

There is no time limit on how long your PDF will be available to you to download. It will remain in your account area on this site.

My PDF appears fine on the screen but when I print it, the note-heads are not readable

A small group of Mac users have experienced problems where note-heads don’t appear correctly when you try and print.

Apparently it’s a problem to do with printer drivers in Acrobat Reader. The recommended solution is to update your printer drivers (from the website for your printer), or easier, just print it using Apple Preview.

Why are some products not available outside Europe?

Due to copyright licensing restrictions on some titles we are not permitted to sell our products to customers outside Europe at the moment.